Toutes et tous uni.e.s dans un même cri – 6/12

To Nadia Murad

Your wounds appear from your shadow
Your body’s sparrows are in pain
Where has the flight stopped in the world
That you are sitting on your bones?
We all know
The clouds under your skin
What a warm rain they have.
And open all the cricked muscles of the ground
The same blind and dark points
Who enslaved you
How many times did your body die?
Near torture and damp basements,
With a small menopause window,
And your screams,
What a bitter continuance it had.
Abnormal pains are scattered around your limbs
Beside your lips
Your eyes
Have a bitter meaning
Your wounds appear from your shadow
Winter was with you until the last days of summer
You were snowing opposite the sun
Your sparrows are in pain
And happiness
Falls always late
The day you can pick up your bones
And standing on the street
Like a bare tree
And sparrows sit on your skeleton. mehr lesen / lire plus