Canadian voices

After some really inspiring concerts at Konrad‘s, the expectations of yours truly were great. Take for example, just some weeks ago, the sublime mix of angelic voices and grave lyrics of “Deep Dark Woods” coming to us from Canada, but also their perfect harmony of front and back vocals. Or Ben Rogers’ country-rock, spanning from hearty to melancholic tunes, with a frontman surrounded by great musicians and delivering clever and touching texts. But the performance of Whitney Rose this Tuesday was some kind of a disappointment. She also comes from Canada, but that’s where the resemblances end. Hers is a rather classic blend of Texan country, often transgressing the line to flat popular tunes and lyrics, and her slightly stringent voice still ads to this tendency. Though all of this is served with a great deal of professionalism and seductiveness, and the other musicians also perform well, the songs, some of them cover versions of well-known hits, will not stay on your mind the day after as did the before named groups. But let’s keep our hopes up, as there’s more music to come from the Northern part of America in the next weeks.

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